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Courtney lives and breathes by the philosophy that we all hold the power to make choices that lead us to a happy healthy life- it's all about finding balance, and implementing healthy habits. 

Living a fast paced life doesn't leave much time for putting yourself first, but when you have the tools to simplify, knowledge of 'how to', and the desire to start feeling your best, anything is possible.

Courtney is a Certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Nutritionist who works with her clients through a total mind body approach. Having spent the last 15 years in the health and fitness industry she has helped thousands of men and women define their goals, reset their mind, and take their lives to the next level. 

"our greatest glory is not
in never failing, it is in 
rising every time we fail"
The Nutrition - Fitness Connection


Overall health comes from a solid foundation with nutrition and movement. But cultivating these habits can be hard to do alone.

Courtney takes the guess work out of it by outlining your plan from the kitchen to the gym. 

If you're looking for a custom built fitness training program you can do from anywhere, or a detailed meal plan and nutrition counseling Courtney has you covered.

Food has the power to fuel our bodies and allow us to feel our best, with abundant energy, and zest for life.

It also has the power to run us down, control our feelings and lead us down an undesired path of unhealthy habits. 

Choosing to have a healthy relationship with food doesn't always come easy. Neither does knowing exactly what your body needs to run efficiently. 

Dive into understanding your nutrition and better recognize your individual needs to start living your best life and reaching your goals. 

Finding yourself out of balance with your fitness is easy to do, and knowing where to start in getting it back can be an even bigger challenge.

Busy lives, never ending "to do's", family obligations, and lack of motivation can be big factors in weight gain, and inactivity. 

If it's time to regain your confidence, gain lost energy, feel good in your skin again, and take control of your health, it's time to dig in and set your goals.  

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